Masters season kicks off once the winter season finishes and goes through summer – keep an eye on this page for more news!

  • Players of all levels
  • Played on full turf
  • Played on Wednesday evenings (Competitive)
  • Played on Friday evenings (Social, Presidents)
  • Grades offered
    • Men’s 33+
    • Women’s 33+

Masters hockey is a favourite in our club, and is a great way to keep fit for the winter season, or to train for NHHA trials for the annual masters tournament.

And there is an opportunity to get some coaching with the Masters Academy! For those adults 30+ who are aspire to trial for a Masters Team at some stage in the future or those who just wish to improve their skill set.

ECB Club Masters

Masters & Presidents Summer Hockey (Over 35)

  • North Harbour Hockey offers Summer Hockey Competitions for Over 35 players across a range of Grades so that players of all ages & levels can receive a world-class hockey experience.
  • Male & Female Leagues are offered
  • Adult Summer Hockey Competitions run for ~aprox 14 -15 weeks run October to February.
  • Game times run from 6.00-9.30pm & are 60 minutes in duration.
  • Get a team together with your mates and enter the appropriate grade of your choice!

Contact for Summer Hockey Competitions: [email protected]  

Or fill out the ECB registration form HERE

Pre-Christmas Masters –
Starts 19th October 2022

  • AGE eligibility:
  • Pre-Christmas comp players must be 33 as of the 31st of December 2022
  • Post-Christmas comp players must be 33 as of the 31st of December 2023
  • When the competition splits to representatives and club made teams this will allow for new blood (players aged 32) to enter the competition and hopefully increase the strength of clubs teams when facing a representative team.
  • Game duration will be 4 x 15 min quarters, 5 minute half time & 2 mins intervals, max 10 minute warm up.
  • Teams must be outfitted in uniforms of the same colour, e.g. Shirts & Socks.

Post-Christmas Masters – Starts 18th Jan 2023

Presidents – Starts 21nd October 2022

  • Friday Presidents competition is focused on providing a summer competition for new to hockey players wanting to try out Hockey and/or for returning hockey players wanting to get back into the sport. Please keep this in mind when entering a team in this competition to align with the purpose.
  • Teams are entered through clubs via online form
    • AGE eligibility: Over 35 (in addition to the below allowance)
    • 30 years being the minimum age with a CAP of a maximum of 3 players between the ages of 30-35 years per team.
  • Players must be registered via Sporty link prior to the competition starting or prior to the player taking the field.
  • Game duration will be 30 minute halves, 5 minute half time, max 10 minute warm up,
  • Umpires provided by teams
  • Teams must be outfitted in uniforms of the same colour, e.g. Shirts & Socks.

Post-Christmas 20 Jan 2023 – 17 Feb 2023
(5 weeks, with no play 29th Jan 2023)

NHHA Masters Reps

The 2022 National Masters Tournament will be held in Tauranga. The tournament will be held from Sunday the 20th February and will run through until Saturday the 26th February.  The Venue will be Tauranga Hockey, who have opened up their third turf for the 2020 season, and Tauranga Boys’ College which will provide the fourth turf.

If you are looking to trial for North Harbour Masters, here is the link :