ECB offers a number of programmes for youth hockey players.

Our focus is making sure our youth have fun and make great connections in their hockey experience with us. The club has provided a pathway for all our youth and we will support them on whatever journey they would like to make along it.

We have had considerable success with this programme; all four of the nominees for U18 female player of the year (2022) came through our programme.

  • Youth Development Programme Year 7-13
  • Premier Development Programme
  • Summer Youth Hockey Year 7-10

ECB Club Youth

Youth Development Programme Year 7-13

We offer this programme to young people who have played summer hockey for us the previous season as well as those who are playing winter hockey in the divisional grades. This is funded externally every year and is offered free of charge to our youth players.

The programme is designed and run by Benji Edwards, one of our very experienced P1 players and our Youth Development coach. The coaches involved are all of P1 calibre and enthusiastically pass on their knowledge and experience. The programme consists of both on field turf sessions and off field workshops.

Premier Development Programme

If a youth has played winter hockey with us for at least one season and is playing P2 or P3 hockey for the club they are eligible for this programme. Our Premier Development players receive all of the excellent coaching provided in the Youth Development programme with an increased focus on game play analysis and a more individualised coaching and mentoring programme.

Summer Youth Hockey Year 7-10

Youth Hockey is designed for Year 7-10 players who already have the basic skills and understanding of the game and are wanting to improve and develop. It is 11 aside hockey enabling Year 7 and Year 8 players to learn positioning before they play at Secondary School. The season is usually played in Term 4 (Oct-Dec 2022). The teams are coached and mentored on the field by our great coaches. In 2022 our coaches were all P1 players with a real interest in youth coaching and development. Even though this is a competition our emphasis is not about winning but developing each players skill, understanding and confidence. The Youth Hockey is also a ‘pathway’ for our club to build a relationship for those players who are wanting to step up and play club hockey.